In this Mises Institute seminar from 2004, Hans Hoppe delivers ten lectures. He shows that property rights and liberty are violated whenever a state provides goods and services instead of a free market economy. Struggle between a state monopolist and property owners is the core of his economic and social thought.

Nature of Man and Human Condition: Language, Property, and Production

Spread of Humans Around the World: Extension and Intensification of Division of Labor

Money and Monetary Integration: Growth of Cities and Globalization of Trade

Time Preference, Capital, Technology, and Economic Growth

Wealth of Nations: Ideology, Religion, Biology, and Environment

Production of Law and Order: Natural Order, Feudalism, and Federalism

Parasitism and the Origin of the State

From Monarchy to Democracy

State, War, and Imperialism

Strategy: Secession, Privatization, and the Prospects of Liberty


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