HTM – Introduction

Humans are the dominant species of life on Earth. Life begins at birth and ends at death. Average life span is eighty years.

An estimated one hundred seven billion humans have lived on Earth, with a currently living population of seven billion. The dominant characteristics of humanity are the preposterously skewed distribution of wealth and the pervasiveness occurrence of war.

This is a message about humans, their nature and interactions, and how tyranny and subjugation naturally occur. An ethical behavioral code for humans is presented which vilifies use of political means, the human institution of government. Tyranny and subjugation depends on government. Without government, tyranny and subjugation would cease to exist.

Recorded history of humankind is the story of different tyrants and governments, and the subjugation they wreak. A peaceable world is possible, however, but decent people must make a stand. Definite human actions are required to eliminate government, including non-consent, jury nullification, and shunning of government agents.