HTM – Myths

Propaganda not only informs about current events, but also reinforces past events and ideas. Myths are ideas which are widely believed, but evidentiary false. Only consideration of evidence can be used to evaluate truth of an idea. Those who believe myths are often misinformed of evidence. Other times, the believers just have no interest in considering evidence. The misinformed and disinterested are prey to propaganda, produced of those who benefit by having people believing myths.

Myths are thus used as a means of controlling people by providing them with a contrived reality. Believers are manageable by tyrants, who use human subjugation to gain prosperity. Tyrants control governments, and include fines, incarceration, and execution as means to manage society.

Predestined Outcome

People are fooled into thinking that the outcome of human existence is predestined. Historical evidence is just the opposite; the history of human existence is the result of human actions.

Actions are based on choices, the free will of humans. The idea of predetermination damages people by lessening the resistance to tyranny.

Benevolent Government

People are fooled into thinking that government benefits ordinary citizens. Historical evidence is just the opposite; government really lessens the prosperity of ordinary citizens. Government does not create wealth, but rather redistributes wealth of citizens, taking from many and giving to a few.

Imagination and consideration of society without government requires studious thinking, an activity effectively suppressed by government.

Free Market

People are fooled into thinking that maligned economies are failures of the free market. Historical evidence just the opposite, maligned economies really are failures because of intervention.

Economic intervention or control is necessary to produce planned outcomes. Fascism, a government enforced concentration of suppliers which exists around the globe, is completely opposite of a free market.

The study of value, of exchanges and markets, is an activity suppressed by tyranny.

Two-Party System

People are fooled into thinking that America’s two-party system provides a voice in planned outcomes. Historical evidence is just the opposite: the two-party system really was designed and implemented to minimize resistance to tyranny.

Changing the party in power has not altered (and will not alter) the relentless march to serfdom.

Fighting for Freedom

People are fooled into thinking that serving in the government’s armed forces is noble action, action which safeguards freedom of the citizens. Historical evidence is just the opposite; the military really is used by government to deceptively aid in producing planned outcomes that benefits tyrants.

The US government uses military to build empire. Only two wars have been fought for freedom, the Revolutionary War against King George and the Civil War against King Abraham. The first was won and the second was lost. Since Lincoln, all wars have been fought for empire. Veterans and citizens have been deliberately deceived by tyrants.

Federal Reserve System

People are fooled into thinking that the Federal Reserve System is a benevolent government entity. Historical evidence is just the opposite; the Federal Reserve System really is a private, central banking enterprise which aids in transferring wealth from citizens to tyrants.

The Federal Reserve prints and lends money to government and citizens. Money devalues as more is printed and introduced into the economy. Inflated dollars bolster government expansion and threaten the holdings of American citizens.