Seven billion humans inhabit the Earth. The distribution of wealth is preposterous: over 99% live on 60% of the wealth. Over time, the gap continues to widen. The rich are getting richer, while the poor are getting poorer. War is pervasive.

Some humans cruelly subjugate (rule) others to gain their personal prosperity. Accumulated wealth of the rulers is tightly bound to the institution of government, created by tyrants and operated by minions, to rule over people. War is a creation of government.

Human minions work for rulers, employed by government and government-supported fascist firms. Subjugation could not exist without minions.

Subjugation results in government wars, surveillance & oppression, poverty to many, and an economy characterized by cartels of fascist business. Subjugation provides prosperity to those humans running the system.

Most humans fail to recognize that subjugation exists, and some consider it not a problem. Although overcoming a lifetime of indoctrination and propaganda is difficult, ignorance of social interaction cannot be condoned, because such ignorance contributes to the problem. The majority of minions fall into this category of ignorance. Some minions realize the situation, but don’t care, willfully joining ranks with tyrants.

A peaceable world is possible, however, but decent people must make a stand.

Human Nature & Human Interaction

Humans think and act, subject to their perceptions, emotions, reason, and instinct. They all strive to prosper, to attain subjective goals.

In isolation, a human can only prosper by his own production, but in a social situation free exchange and coerced intervention become possible. Society has enabled both trading & wealth creation, and subjugation & wealth redistribution. This latter enablement is the domain of tyrants.

Capitalism can be considered as the mechanism of trade among humans. The name arises from capital, the tools, man-made factors of production. All commodities are produced by some combination of land, labor, and capital. Multiple exchanges make a market, and multiple markets make an economy.

Free competition is the magic of trading, naturally yielding lower prices and higher quality for a large variety of products. It is spontaneous, the very opposite of planned intervention.

Intervention is forceful, planned control of human living and trading. Examples include, taxation, licensure, regulation, zoning and other statutes which control human lives. Planned outcomes benefit the planners.

Morality & Ethics

During social interaction, one individual’s actions can affect others. This “effect on others” becomes the basis for “good and bad”, defining how people treat other people.

A moral individual considers how his actions effect others, while the amoral individual does not. The particular consideration of a moral individual is his ethic.

Those responsible for subjugation, tyrants and minions alike, are amoral. They are evil and must be shunned by ethical humans. Shunning will influence their lifestyles, how they choose to live their lives.

Tyrants, Minions, and Others

Humans have always organized in groups in their quest for prosperity. Historically and presently, groups are pervasive in the population.

Groups of predatory humans have found that planned government intervention produces their desired outcomes, and schooling and media can be used to fool the general population about the reality. This intervention takes the form of rules (statues and executive orders) and enforcement (fines, incarceration, homicide).

Predators employ minions to make their system work. They fool the general population by 1) controlling schooling, indoctrinating children to trust and obey the government, and 2) controlling media to support the schooling indoctrination. Propaganda is effectively used to gain support of the docile and gullible, those who are guided by emotion and instinct. Tyranny depends on compliance of subjects. As long as people obey statutes and directives, tyrants prosper.

History is replete with groups which foster tyranny. Masons, Illuminati, Foundations, Chatham House, CFR, and Skull & Bones are examples. Above all, the Banksters – international bankers, have dominated via their command of usury. Banksters provide financing to governments, thus finance human subjugation.

Reality and Myths

Predators and minions are very small part of total population, and they must fool the larger part to remain rulers. Predatory activity encompasses many methods of social control. Chief is presenting misinformation, promoting myths to mold people’s perception of reality.

Propaganda fools people into consenting to be ruled. It is used to keep subjects docile and compliant, to fool them into perceiving the contrived reality staged by the predators and their minions. When people learn truth, and act accordingly, subjugation can be eliminated.

The situation is difficult for people to perceive and understand. Some humans awaken from the contrived reality of indoctrination and propaganda. Others remain fooled their entire lives.

Taking a Stand

Human beings ought to rightfully live their lives as they want, without aggressively hurting others. Rejoice for people productively prospering, but understand that prospering at the expense of others is wrong. Ethical people must separate themselves from unethical people.

Government is the foremost human predator institution, and must be eliminated for mankind to flourish. Those concerned about the problem must take a stand against it. That stand is ethical, recognizing good and bad, and confronting the bad.

Voluntary, peaceful social cooperation is only possible without predators and minions. Violence may be the ultimate solution, but living by an ethical creed is the only non-violent method for eliminating subjugation. No other method has ever worked in world history. There is no political solution to the political problem.

Non-Violent Opposition to Tyranny
Non-Cooperation / Non-Compliance / Civil Disobedience

• Withdraw support of government: stop voting, resign employment, refuse to assist government agents, reluctant and slow compliance with statutes, refuse allegiance, boycott government meetings
• Withdraw support of fascist firms: resign employment, boycott products
• Withdraw support of government schools: resign employment, remove children as quickly as possible
• Ostracize those that continue to support government: shun voters, government employees & agents, owners & employees of fascist firms
• Nullify unjust statutes: embrace jury duty, demand jury trials

Don’t be scared of society without government. Have faith in spontaneity. Commit to the idea of a peaceable society based on principles of natural rights, decent living, self-reliance, and voluntary association.