HTM – Preface

My objective in creating Human Truth is to tell about my discovery of human interaction. It is a tale which is highly abstract; details are available elsewhere. My tale attempts to provide an understanding for those who care about the plight of common, ordinary people, and are willing to adopt a creed necessary to create a social framework of general prosperity. I leave my message for the historical record.

I was born in 1951. The world has dramatically changed during my lifetime. What a strange trip it has been! Cognitive abilities and moral constraints (based upon the recognition of natural rights) have plummeted. I am saddened by the result.

Much of my life has been spent studying the theory and history of human action and interaction. Abstraction is the key to understanding, to see the forest instead of the trees. I hope to convey that abstraction, jettisoning ill-defined terms, and focusing on fundamentals. Labels are placed on ideas to streamline the flow of the presentation. Semantic confusion, which occurs when the link between ideas and labels are confused, may be avoided by reference to a glossary, where used terms are explicitly defined.

I am pessimistic in my view of the prospects for better lives of ordinary people. I harbor little hope that humanity will divert from its tyrannical path; I expect no escape from serfdom in my lifetime. People seem to lack the ability and/or the proclivity to turn the tide, and are thus doomed to subjugation. I hope for the best, but fear for the worse. Admittedly, in the face of my pessimism, I attempt to teach people about economics, politics, and history. After I die, it cannot be said in truth that I knew and did nothing.

Learning the theory of human action was relatively easy. After that task, I began considering the history of human action, as it pertains to social institutions such as families, clubs, religion, business, and government. Learning the history of human action is difficult, while learning all of history seems impossible.

This knowledge provides a perception of reality which very few people share, a situation that makes you think most others are terribly sheltered.

There can never be a political solution to the political problem of subjugation. Most accumulated, ultra-wealthy people worldwide prosper by ruling others, and government is the main vehicle they use. They nurture its existence and work to prevent any discussion which might lead to its demise. Politicians and employees at practically all levels of government condone tyranny because it yields their livelihood. Government is just plain evil; subjugation will cease to exist when governments cease to exist.

Most people will not read this content, even if they have access to it. These non-readers are comfortable in their reality, comfortable with their perception of human interaction, or comfortable in living their lives without understanding human interaction. Most people cannot understand; many don’t care; some wouldn’t care even if they understood. Very few both understand and care.

I am preaching to those who care. Those who don’t care, likely never will care.