HTM – Reality

People are born into a world of tyranny. Entrenched, wealthy predators successfully keep and augment their prosperity by unethically subjugating the general population. Their planned, forceful intervention in the affairs of the general population, mainly through government, produces outcomes in their favor. Banksters finance tyranny, while minions supply labor.

Humanity is characterized by two glaring conditions: wealth hierarchy and pervasiveness of war. Wealth is concentrated in the hands of a very, very small part of the population. War, occurring all over Earth, invokes the emotions of fear and nationalism. War builds empire; war fuels fascist industries.

Most people are serfs; some are minions working for government or fascist industries; very few have tyrannical roots. Indoctrination by government schooling and media insures the failure of most people to recognize tyranny. Further, tyrants control the drug and medical industries which produce and dispense chemicals that distort people’s cognizance. The dumbing-down of the population is dramatic.

All but a scanty of the population submit to the burden of tyranny. But some do resist.

Public Reaction

Most submissive people cannot recognize tyranny. Information is sometimes inaccurate and misleading, often intentional propaganda. Capacity to process information differs among people. They choose what information to consider, then analyze that information with their intellect.

Critical thought is a difficult task for people, often impossible. It requires application of logic and suppression of emotional influence. People are rarely exposed to information contradicting propaganda; they must apply critical thinking, a skill suppressed under tyranny, to determine which is real.

Some submissive people recognize tyranny, but do not resist. Riders focus on their own lives and live knowingly as serfs. They regard tyranny as an acceptable part of life, and some are tyrants themselves. Riders are just along for the ride; their mantra is “just let me live until the end of my life without too much going wrong”.

It is unpleasant for most of the population, but that is the reality. The situation is hard for people to understand and accept. A lifetime of propaganda is difficult to overcome.

Subjugation requires a compliant general population. Compliance is achieved through drugs and government schooling, a planned dumbing-down which makes propaganda effective.
Presstitutes support tyranny by using the classic propaganda techniques such as evasion, confusion, misdirection, targeted emphasis, misinformation, secrecy, omission of important facts, and selective leaks.

The middle class cannot maintain their standard of living. They are being squeezed like a balloon, with some ascending to a higher class, while most descend to a lower class.


Tyrants rule America and the world. They control health, education, government, and the economy.

Once the Constitution was abandoned during the Civil War, the size and scope of government spiraled. The experiment with individual freedom, which started with the Declaration of Independence in 1776, was finished as the 20th century unfolded.

At the end of the 19th century, a few people with great wealth, both English and American, perfected plan to control the rest of the population. In the early 1900’s, tyrants and banksters created tax-exempt foundations to implement the plan to control the American population. Social engineering developed by the Foundations began indoctrinating the population, and war was determined to be the focal point.

Banksters and fascist firms took control, financing and building the social structure enhanced by two world wars. The foundation was laid: Federal Reserve System created in 1913, Council on Foreign Relations in 1921, and United Nations in 1946.

High-level, unelected minions actually run the government, and are fashionably called the deep-state. American people are fooled into thinking that voting for Republicans and Democrats makes a difference, when each presidential administration since the 1930s has obviously been staffed by the CFR and banksters.

Now it is the 21st century, and control of Americans has worked exactly as planned. Tyranny has silently spread like cancer in America. The social ecosystem is a serfdom. The population has been subjugated. A return to individual sovereignty and traditional American way of life is doubtful.