HTM – Tyrants, Minions, and Others

To govern is to control or rule. Human predators, tyrants, have existed since the beginning of recorded history on Earth. Their history of prosperity while governing the general population is well-documented. The accumulated wealth of the few rulers dwarfs the wealth of the ruled masses.

Through time the method of rule has changed, as government, schooling, and media have become efficient means of control. Of course, war remains the essential means.

Predatory humans use planned government intervention to produce outcomes favorable to them, and schooling and media to fool the general population about the reality. This intervention takes the form of rules (statues and executive orders) and enforcement (fines, incarceration, homicide).

Predators are a very small minority; the quantity of rulers is minute, compared to the quantity of the general population. Tyrants must fool the general population in order to rule successfully. They fool people by 1) controlling schooling, indoctrinating children to trust and obey the government, and 2) controlling media to support the schooling indoctrination. Propaganda is effectively used to gain support of the docile and gullible, those who are guided by emotion and instinct. Tyranny depends on compliance of subjects. As long as people obey statutes and directives, tyrants prosper.

Government, schooling, and media are social institutions, organized by tyrants to further their prosperity by controlling the actions of the general population. These are organizations of political means. Together, they redistribute wealth in society, enriching a few while impoverishing many. The strategy of rulers is cunning while the tactics and outcomes are cruel, damaging others to further their objectives.

Government work attracts uninhibited human minions with certain characteristics, namely low cognitive ability and whose drive to attain prosperity does not ethically limit means. Minions accept government jobs, working for tyrants. Most high-level minions understand their roles, while most low-level minions are naïve, not knowing the truth, simply getting a paycheck.

There is a high degree of uniformity in upper-level minions. They posit low intellectual proclivities, primitive instincts, and a willingness to to be unethical. These demagogues rely on good looks, sociability, oratorical ability, and charisma for their success.

Corruption is characteristic of all tyrannical institutions, current and past, but more now because of the decline in cognitive ability and morality. There is a special case of minions, called thugs, who particularly enjoy their dominion over others. Thugs are usually found in the ranks of police.

Tyranny is run by a criminal gang, exercising their dominion over others by employing minions to do their bidding, engaging in fraud, theft, and violence to protect and augment their wealth. As long as minions adhere to dictates of the tyrants, they may generate wealth for themselves. Fools cannot realize the big picture. Tyrants will not voluntarily give up their wealth and power. Only a coup by a new tyrannical gang, or a revolution by the general population will change the order.

Crony capitalism, corporatism, and fascism describe the interventional alliance of business firms and government. Politicians, bureaucrats, and crony businessmen manipulate government to plan and execute intervention in social activity. Intervention takes the form of rules formed by legislative statutes and bureaucratic dictates. Government controls, or governs people by establishing and enforcing rules. Lobbyists bribe legislators for favorable rules.

Government is fundamentally different from Free Market business enterprise, although both are social institutions. Successful Free Market firms must be profitable. Products must be produced, and valued by consumers at a level which results in profit. Government has no such requirement. Fascist firms, especially those who sell primarily to government, escape the profit requirement, also.

Minarchism, the idea of limited government, is fantasy. Enduring, limited government is impossible. Much time and energy is wasted by those who want a better society, but don’t understand the dynamics. Recall Thoreau’s instruction to “strike the root”.


Humans have always organized in groups in their quest for prosperity. Historically and presently, groups are pervasive in the population.

For our analysis, the groups of interest are composed of predators and minions, as they are responsible for tyranny, an unethical social situation.

The apparatus of ruling has changed through the years. What started as crude violence has been refined to social engineering. The conflict between rulers and subjects has been mitigated by religious groups who offers subjects a distraction from their servitude.

In fact, the Roman Catholic Church, still rich and influential, is the oldest, most enduring of human groups. Even after the leadership coup by the Jesuits, the church kept its name.

Masons, Illuminati, Foundations, Chatham House, CFR, Skull & Bones, and many others worldwide have fostered tyranny.

But above all, Banksters – international bankers, have dominated. Moving headquarters from Italy to the Netherlands to England, their command of usury is the basis of their power. Banksters provide financing to governments, thus finance human subjugation.

Since government is the tool if tyranny, you see these groups are focused in governments and fascist business.

One group has special significance, the state. It consists of the ruling class of humans, through previous accumulation of wealth, that directs all other classes. The state adds to its wealth by social engineering, ruling the general population, while employing predators and minions for the dirty work.