Jade Helm – a Slippery Slope


It is stated by the government that “Jade Helm” is just a ‘Military Training Exercise’ taking place in 7 southwest states (possibly more) for just 2 months from 7/15/15 to 9/15/15.

But many skeptics, including myself, see this incursion by the military into domestic affairs as a prelude to martial law across the whole United States.

Why should we listen to the skeptics? Based on recent past experience the Ruling Elite have committed major false flag operations while training exercises were conducted at the same time as cover. So be forewarned that another ‘Military Training Exercise’ could precede a major false flag or terrorist event.

Examples of such training exercises: 

  • A few hours prior to the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing on April 19, 1995 by a large ANFO fertilizer bomb, an ATF bomb squad was seen patrolling the area. They claimed they were on an anti-terror drill. Curiously, no ATF or FBI agents normally working at the building were injured that day. And a judge received an earlier warning not to come to his office at the Federal building (also here,here).

See 4-minute video on the above:

  • While the highjacked commercial airliners of 9/11 were heading toward the World Trade Center and Pentagon, NORAD interceptor jets were preoccupied with a training exercise for the same kind of event. In fact, there was no effective response against this tragedy despite America’s spotless reputation for defending the homeland against air attacks (also here, here, here).

See 5-minute video on the above:

– The London subway bombings of 7/7/05: a training exercise by Visor Consultants was taking place in London concurrently as actual bombs were planted on subway cars and a bus by 4 Pakistan patsies in the exact same spots. The probability of this coincidence happening is incalculable (excellent documentation here).


See 4-minute video on the above:

– Boston marathon bomb exercises were underway while two pressure cooker bombs supposedly planted by 2 Muslim terrorists exploded at the race finish line. Photos of the injured and later stories raise suspicions as to the actual lethality of the bombs and whether crisis actors were the ones being carried away with injuries. It appears a primary objective of this event besides reinforcing Muslim terrorism was conditioning the public for a city lockdown which proceeded as expected.

For a graphic rendition of the fake bombing hoax see here.

Special Areas of Concern: 

Under the Constitution, US military operations within the continental US are banned by Posse Comitatus. Though there have been minor exceptions in the past, Jade Helm represents a dangerous new precedent.

The planned training exercises include simulated extraction of citizens by special forces (who already have extensive real experience). More likely this is a trial run for extracting US dissidents/patriots and sending them to FEMA camps for rehabilitation or worse.

Two months of training exercises by military personnel is one thing, but the massive movement of tanks, APC’s, humvees, Mobile Command Centers and weapons storage containers have been reported traversing the country by train as witnessed by many observers. This mass movement of artillery to various sections of the nation signifies a permanent military presence.



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