Education may be defined as the attainment of certain knowledge. The content of such certain knowledge must be well-defined in a logical model, but is entirely subjective in social interaction. While a mutually exclusive definition may permit objective measurement, common parlance does not.

Schooling is neither necessary nor sufficient for acquiring education. In fact, schooling is used to inhibit education, indoctrinating students with propaganda. Success in schooling is based on conformity.

The glaring deficiency in government schooling is lack of exposure to the idea and history of liberty. Of course, the tax-farmers have planned such very carefully.

Analysis of what certain knowledge people possess is possible, however. The results are clear: there has been a “dumbing-down” of the American population, starting in the early 20th century and continuing to the present. The lack of knowledge is appalling and the process was/is deliberate.

Some of the the studies are highlighted below. Much more analysis can be found on the WWW, and in bookstores and libraries.

1953 – Congressional Special Committee to Investigate Tax Exempt Foundations, often called the Reece Committee, studied the effect of foundations (Rockefeller, Carnegie, Ford, Guggenheim) on education in America. Norman Dodd, the committee’s lead researcher, was interviewed by Edward Griffin, videotaped in 1982, just before his death. Please listen to another Dodd interview by Stan Monteith. Rene A. Wormser served as counsel for the Committee, and authored the book Foundations: Their Power and Influence.

1971 – Murray Rothbard wrote articles collected in Education: Free & Compulsory. Below is a reading of some chapters from that book:

1993 – Thomas Sowell wrote Inside American Education: The Deccline, The Deception, The Dogmas. Sowell is a prolific writer and the subject of many online videos; here is a good one.

1995 – Sheldon Richman wrote Separation of School and State. Richman presents his ideas in this video.

1999 – Charlotte Iserbyt wrote The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. Iserbyt is the subject of many online videos; this interview is particularly good.