HTM – Overview

Seven billion humans are plagued by predators and thugs that cruelly subjugate others to gain their personal prosperity. These tyrants are a world-wide social problem causing government wars, oppression, poverty, fascist business, and a glaringly skewed income distribution.

Not only are tyrants evil, the problem is worsened by human minions who work for the tyrants. Minions, aware or not, run government, the social institution that allows tyrants (and their workers) to thrive. Subjugation would not exist without tyrants and minions.

Human subjugation is some people ruling over others, where subjects act according to the ruler’s whim or suffer consequences. Government is created by tyrants, and operated by minions, to rule over people. Statutes are government rules enforced by fine, incarceration, and homicide. Schools and media are used to indoctrinate and propagandize, encouraging humans to accept servitude.

No doubt, most humans fail to recognize that subjugation exists and is a problem. Overcoming a lifetime of indoctrination and propaganda is difficult, but ignorance of social interaction cannot be condoned, because such ignorance contributes to the problem. The majority of minions fall into this category of ignorance. Some minions realize the situation, but don’t care, willfully joining ranks with tyrants.

Living Your Life

Human beings can rightfully live their lives as they want, without aggressively hurting others. People want to prosper, but prospering at the expense of others is wrong. Ethical people must separate themselves from unethical people.

Values differ among humans; there are different objectives, different perceptions of prosperity. Do what you want, but don’t harm your fellow man.

An individual is responsible for educating himself. Learn about human action. Beware of the predators, help others who are targeted as prey, and they will help you when you are targeted.


The primary structure for controlling humans is government force, Government is a social institution devised by predators and manned by their minions. Politicians, bureaucrats, and crony businessmen further their prosperity by intervening in the activity of the general population. Intervention takes the form of rules. Government controls, or governs people by establishing and enforcing rules.

Government redistributes wealth in society, enriching a few while impoverishing many. The strategy of rulers is cunning while the tactics and outcomes are cruel, damaging others to further their own objectives.

Don’t Be Fooled

Predators and minions are very small part of total population, and they must fool the larger part to remain rulers. Predatory activity encompasses many methods of social control. Chief is presenting information to mold people’s perception of reality.

Propaganda fools people into consenting to be ruled. It is used to keep subjects docile and compliant, to fool them into perceiving the reality staged by the predators and their minions. When people learn truth, and act accordingly, subjugation can be eliminated.

The situation is hard for people to understand and accept. Some humans awaken from the contrived reality of indoctrination and propaganda. Others remain fooled their entire lives.

Taking An Ethical Stand

Those concerned about the problem must take a stand against it. That stand is ethical, recognizing good and bad, and confronting the bad.

Predators and their minions hurt others. They are evil and must be shunned by ethical humans. Granted, taking an ethical stand is difficult for those counting minions among their family and friends.

Ethical people must separate themselves from unethical people. An ethical stand also influences the lifestyles of humans, how they choose to live their lives.

What to Do

Voluntary, peaceful social cooperation is possible without predators and minions. Violence may be the ultimate solution, but living by an ethical creed is the only non-violent method for eliminating subjugation. No other method has ever worked.

Government is the foremost human predator institution, and must be eliminated for mankind to flourish. Only taking a firm ethical stand against subjugation may succeed. There is no political solution to the political problem.

Non-compliance is the key. Rulers depend upon submission to keep their power. Jury nullification is essential to nullify unethical rules. Shunning government agents is necessary, also.