HTM – What to Do

A peaceable world is possible. But nothing can be done until world-wide subjugation is realized, until tyranny is considered a problem, and a human is willing to take action to eliminate it. Tyranny is firmly entrenched, and can only be eliminated by bold and courageous action.

What Will Not Work

There is no political solution. Tyrants own the political game. Engaging in the political process is foolish; it encourages tyranny. Ignoring the problem is not a solution. Tyrants will not stop on their own. They are prospering and don’t care how they treat others.

What May Work

It is not ensured that anything will work. Humanity has progressed to the point where tyranny is so firmly entrenched that it may prevail forever. Possibly adoption of the Human Truth ethical creed, may create an environment in which tyranny cannot survive.

First, these three recognitions:

• Every human, by virtue of their birth, has a natural right to their life and property
• Every human may live as they choose, while honoring the life and property of others
• Every human must be truthful in dealing with others. No lying, no deception, honor your promises

Humans who don’t abide by the above are tyrants. Tyrants prosper by violating the rights of others; tyrants have accumulated wealth and aim to keep and augment it. Their tool for achieving that objective is government, an institute created by tyrants and run by their minions who do the dirty work.

Second, this necessary action:

• Shun the tyrants, refuse to be part of their rule. Ignore their propaganda, resist their statutes and decrees.

Don’t vote or otherwise engage in the political process. Stop the indoctrination, remove children from government schools. Abandon the propaganda of television and presstitutes. Nurture jury nullification; demand jury trials and proclaim the power of a juror. Do not work for government or fascist industries.

Decent, ethical people separate themselves from evil, unethical people.

Non-Violent Opposition to Tyranny
Non-Cooperation / Non-Compliance / Civil Disobedience

• Withdraw support of government: stop voting, resign employment, refuse to assist government agents, reluctant and slow compliance with statutes, refuse allegiance, boycott government meetings
• Withdraw support of fascist firms: resign employment, boycott products
• Withdraw support of government schools: resign employment, remove children as quickly as possible
• Ostracize those that continue to support government: shun voters, government employees & agents, owners & employees of fascist firms
• Nullify unjust statutes: embrace jury duty, demand jury trials


Dealing with Minions

Some minion are little tyrants and riders; these must be shunned. Some minions are rationally ignorant of their role, while some do not have the cognitive ability to understand their role. Moral minions may adopt the Human Truth creed if their perception of reality changes. Some will repent, others will not. Shun the ones who do not repent.

The Future

Don’t be scared of society without government. Have faith in spontaneity. Ethical entrepreneurs will drive the market, keen to filling demands for goods & services. Instead of planned outcomes that favor the planners, spontaneous outcomes favor the general population. Commit to the idea of a peaceable society based on principles of natural rights, decent living, self-reliance, and voluntary association.